Digital World – stay connected but with the Right to Disconnect


‘You have to stop bringing all that work home. You’re trying to send a fax from our toaster.’


We all know how important our digital presence is. With changing times, it has taken over our life at an unprecedented level. Currently, along with COVID-19 – 19 pandemic and have a pandemic of always staying connected, always online.

It has increased to such a level that now there is even a proposal in some of the countries which emphasis on Right to Disconnect.

With most of the workforce adopting work from home model and schools, colleges also adopting online classes, the need to turn off the device and stay away from the screen has become essential.

Adding to this is the physical and mental health issue that can crop due to work from home and online classes where most of the time we are slouched in front of the computer. Prolong sitting in from of the computer in a wrong posture can lead to extreme pain in back, neck and shoulders.

Also, students are at home all day and exposure to sunlight has drastically reduced. It is crucial for them to go out before 8 and get the daily dose of Vitamin D.

With 2 young adults and 1-man child at home, the demand of Right to Disconnect seems logical and reasonable,

So, let’s stay at home – stay connected but with the Right to Disconnect.






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