What are the fundamental of Marketing?

Fundamentals of Marketing:  what are the basic of Marketing one should know to start with?

The fundamental of Marketing is all about  knowing the tools & tactics used to promote your product or services to your customers.

It is all about the 4P’s of Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Promotion & Place.

The idea is to reach your target audience with a better price, correct route & at the correct place. It’s all about how to explore the channels & means to reach the targeted goal.

Few Important Aspects of Marketing:

  • Law of Marketing?

  • Why learn & Master Marketing

  • Digital vs Traditional Marketing

  • The CATT Marketing Funnel

  • Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Personal Branding

  • Communication Skills

  • Niche Marketing

  • Global Economics & Marketing


“The only reality you can be sure about is in your own perceptions”

Law of Marketing is based out of Science.  It is not that you do marketing when have the product/service is in front of you. It is all about studying & acting on it about it before it is actually delivered. It’s about perception.

“The only reality you can be sure about is in your own perceptions”

 The main motive while marketing is to understand the customer & customer’s need so well that the product/service you design will be based on his/her perception & requirement. So that the product sells on its own. Understanding the product as per customer’s requirement is more important than just focusing on Marketing. It should go hand in hand. Marketing should not overtake the product. Marketing should be an ongoing process, it should not stop once the same is delivered to the customer.

Would you like it if the product is delivered & then there is no turning back point of the seller?

The answer is straight away “NO”

One feels so good when they give proper after sales service, included & considered important for feedback & survey. It helps in building trust which is the base – the foundation of Sales. You can be a good seller if you are trustworthy. And it takes time to build trust. One needs to build this long & ongoing relationship to be a successful Seller. If your customer is happy then your business will make you happy as well.

Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right person & at the right time.


Why learn & Master Marketing?


Many of you must be thinking the same Why to Learn about Marketing?

So here is the answer to it–

Life is all about earning – if we don’t earn we cannot survive. And when one is earning he is directly or indirectly doing it by means of selling.
Let’s say I am an HR of XYZ Company, what is my job to recruit someone or to do work related to the employee of the or for the company from different fields who all come together & facilitate to sell. Not Directly but indirectly, but we all end up with the selling. As the Final Goal of each & every aspect is selling.
We all are doing selling in some or the other way the only thing is field is different, but then the agenda is the same which is selling.
And when it comes to Selling the very first thing or say the back bone to selling is Marketing. Without Marketing you cannot sell. There should be an awareness in the market which can turn into need & demand, then only the transaction can take place Right?
So as I said product/ service can change that means the product which is in flow today might be an obsolete tomorrow, but then tomorrow this product will be overtaken by some other Product. But the means to reach this product or service to the Market will be the same that’s Marketing.
Hence it is very important to learn Marketing. And not only the ones who are doing it as a profession but also the Founder or the owners should learn about it. As only when one knows about Marketing one can end up with bringing a product or a service which will suit or fit the customer well.



download (1).jpg

Marketing is a very old concept, but then it has cadenced up or rather say it has developed into Digital Marketing from Traditional one. Still, the traditional one has its own flavor to some extent.

Marketing is a very old concept. But then it is moved or rather it has developed into Digital Marketing from Traditional one. Still Traditional Marketing has its own presence & importance. It hasn’t overtaken completely by Digital Marketing. Still, there is a good number of the people who are using traditional ways of marketing as their source.
Both have their own pros and cons. So, let’s learn few differences.

The basic difference between both is the medium through which the message reaches out.
So, what comes in your mind when we talk about Traditional Marketing?
When one uses the traditional source to reach the audience like Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, Television, New letters it is termed as Traditional Marketing
On the other hand, if the medium used is Digital Media or social websites it is termed as Digital Marketing.
When you talk about Traditional Market the reach to the audience is much more, but then when it comes to Digital Marketing you have good reach to targeted Audience which is must.
You have no control on which advertisement to skip & which one to go for in the traditional Method whereas in Traditional Marketing it is always customized one.
Traditional way of Marketing is more one-way communication, whereas if we talk about Digital Marketing its 2-way communication.
The outcome or result in traditional is slow, whereas in Digital it is Real time.




Wealth = N ∧ CATT

CATT Marketing Funnel is a very important aspect when it comes to Marketing.

Wealth = N ∧ CATT

Where N stands for Niche

            C stands for Content

              A stand for Attention

T stands for Trust

T stands for the Transaction

When we talk about Marketing Funnel the above is the best framework to stick to which can be said as the Road Map to be a leader in it.

This Framework is putting in 5 steps–

Step 1 – N – Niche – To begin with, one should know which product or service he or she should deal with.

Who doesn’t like to stand out of the crowd?

That’s what Niche is all about. One needs to think about his unique platform which is very difficult to in today’s competitive world. But not impossible if you know the correct way to choose it

How to Choose your Niche?

 Once you know your Nice you can say 25% job is done… But then don’t stop as I said 25% more 75% to go……

Step 2 – Content – Once you know your Niche the second question which comes is how will you describe your product or Service to your Customer….

Very popular saying – JO DIKHTA HAI WAHI BIKTA HAI

That’s what is content all about – One should know to describe or put forward his/her product or service in a way that is related to the customer’s need. It should touch the mind & heart of Customer. Rather, it should reflect that it Fits exactly to the Customer’s Need.

Step 3 – Attention – Now when you know what is your Niche or let me say what you have to sell the next thing to do is to drive the attention of your customer to it. How will you grab that???

To grab the attention, we need to master in different aspects of Integrated Marketing like Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Ads.

Step 4: Once you grab the attention of the customer the very Important aspect is to hold your customer & ensure this holding part should  last for long as it is not just 1 time sell.

DO remember selling is an ongoing Process & Marketing is the means to it.

SO, how will you be Holding your Customer??

Just Think whom will you share your secrets??  – One whom you trust right or else on whom you know that yes, this is the one from whom I am going to get the solution.

The Same applies in Marketing. We need to understand our customers’ in such a way that we should know what the customer is looking for & what will Suit him the best. And there starts the Trustworthiness.  It’s not easy to build trust, but then not that difficult as well if it is taken in a proper manner.

Steep 5 – Transaction – So now we know our Niche, we have a strong content that has grabbed the attention of the customer & most importantly the trust of the customer so what else?

The Main purpose – Transaction (Sales) – we need to convert the lead into transaction that’s sales. Then only the cycle will complete Right?

  1. Mostly the organic ones should be more focused on.

The Power of wealth here is all about the effectiveness. More effective Niche will lead to more wealthiest return. Hence it is very important choosing the Effective Niche. 

Very rightly & deeply framed by Deepak Sir – for deep understanding does visit the below mentioned link






Integrated Marketing.jpeg.jpg


A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. That’s how I want to play.

                        – Mike Krzyzewski

Integrated Digital Marketing: As the term itself says Integrated which means – all put together or linked together. 

The very best example is to make a delicious dish we need to put all the ingredients and in correct proportion so that the flavor of each is not overtaken by another & it turns yummy. We just cannot depend on 1 ingredient & say no this is my favorite one & I am going only this.

All of the ingredients are important & must go hand in hand.  Agree?

Let’s say a Cricket team, all the members must be good in 1 or the other specialty. Some may be good in balling, maybe in fielding, batting and so one. But while playing cricket we cannot rely on only aspect. We need to accumulate it & build a strong team to win.

In Digital Marketing there are different aspects as below:

  • Quality Content

  • Email List

  • Search Engine

  • Social Media

  • Sales

  •  Advertisement

A good Marketer will never choose any one as he cannot rely on – The World of Digital Marketing is changing at a very fast pace. Depending on one aspect will keep him an isolated one. One should know about all the aspect – what, when, where & why to use the different aspect to be a successful Marketing is today’s need.

Connecting the dots here is very important here.


How to choose your Niche ?

We need to understand and select a category on the basis of above shown framework which makes you different from others. It doesn’t mean not to enter in the competitive market as competitive market is highly recommended to enter into but then choosing a unique angel of yours in that competitive market is  Much more important which will make you stand apart from the crowd. Be unique & master in the field you chose so that you automatically grow when it comes to organic search. Try to be No 1 or 2 as the Market is mostly based on 2 Players.

When it comes about Niche the very important thing is to know yourself. Unless you know what is your Goal, what are you good at, what you want from the market, is there the demand in the market in which you are talented & how sincere or how powerful your hunger is – in terms of that goal you won’t be able to choose the correct Niche.

You Need to understand it as below:

  • Talent – One should know in what field he or she is good at. It doesn’t mean one should be 100% fit for it. But then at least one should have a clear understanding of that angle he or she want to be in. Obviously, the rest comes from learning. But the inner talent to learn about it is must.

  • Passion: Passion is the hunger towards your Interest. It is the extent to which you go to achieve it. It should be ever ending rather it should be ongoing & getting advances day by day.

  • Market: Only Talent & Passion with no demand or need in the market is of no meaning. One should understand the market as well. There should be the awareness, interest & demand in the market, what you are talented in & offering to sell. Then only it makes meaning otherwise it won’t be possible to sustain in the Market.

So, if you have all 3 in place, then that’s your Niche. For an example, I am good in dancing, that’s my talent, but then it is just a talent some here with me which I am not exploring it, that’s means yes I have a talent and that’s ok mean Talent is there but no passion. NO hunger to take it to the market, then that cannot be my Niche. Or Say yes the form of Dancing I am talented in & really passionate about is of no demand in the market then too I will be stuck. Or say I know the form of dancing, which has a market & am passionate about, but I have no knowledge then what will I do there??

Nothing will be stuck again….

So, all three should be in place to define Niche.



Evolution of Personal Branding

What Is Personal Branding??

It is very easy to understand from the term itself that it is your own Brand – Your own existence in the market which differs you from Others.

To Own your Brand, it Is very important for you to understand the market & arrive at your Niche.  

Do Remember not necessary to be the no 1 but then very important to be the only one. That’s what is Niche all about.

You need to understand and select a category on the basis of above shown framework which makes you different from others. It doesn’t mean not to enter in the competitive market as competitive market is highly recommended to enter into but then choosing a unique angel of yours in that competitive market is much more importance which will make you stand apart from the crowd. Be unique & master in the field you chose so that you automatically grow when it comes to organic search. Try to be No 1 or 2 as the Market is mostly based on 2 Players.

How to Choose your Niche Marketing?

Once you know your Niche half battle is own – Then Make it your own Brand. Let the Brand talk about you itself & how will it work….

Once you understand the market, understand your customer then obviously the Niche you will come with will touch your customer & it will sell by itself.

Do remember Marketing is all about Perception. And perception can be made by standing in the shoe of your customer.

The Market can be taken over by someone, but Your personal Branding cannot. Because it’s you who own your Branding.

Evolution of Personal Branding:

Personal Branding slowly & gradually comes to a peak. If you want to become No 1 you just cannot do that in one single go. You need to take first small steps & then come up with a giant project. It’s like first choosing a niche in 1 place as a small step is being the Bigger giant your ultimate goal & slowly grow up with succeeding each Niche & adding more to it, to reach to your goal.

It’s all about below:

  • Learn: One need to learn about his brand in deep to have more understanding of it so that he or she can be a master in it. Learn through concept, Facts & Procedures.

  • Work: once you learn you also need to execute it else there is no meaning to it . Put it to work what you have learned. Start working on your own Project so that we can have a hand onto it.

  • Blog: It is very important to blog about something you have learned & worked on. Writing about what we have learned & worked on will give a more value to it as it will help us understand what we are into in a much better way. And also to master our Brand. As it is our baby, we have worked on it & nurtured it so obviously we will know it better than the other person.

  • Consulting: Once you become prominent in writing your personal branding will be on a high reach. You will attract more traffic to it & this can be a very good source to be a consultant rather than working for someone let’s start consultant wherein we will have the authority to work for them.

  • Mentor: Start Mentoring other who want to be you. It will help you to Master in what you are doing. Teaching others take a lot of efforts, but then it will take you to higher ladder in terms of your Personal Branding as you put yourself into it & get more clarity to it.

  • Startup: you have learned, worked, Blogged, consulted & mentored in what you are then why not to Start up into it. Start your own venture in terms of course/service/product.

Hence the above steps are framed as a Mass Trust by Deepak Sir –  as it is all about generating the trust through learning, working, blogging, consulting. Mentoring & which will end up in a successful start-up. As the last cycle is a transaction which is on the basis of the Trust.




Copy of communication2.jpg

What will help us to be a better communicator??
It is very important to have a good communication skill when it comes to marketing.
By Good Communication skill I do not mean that one should be a master in literature or very good in terms of Vocabulary, Jargons, grammar and all.
It is Just that what you should to connect yourself with the customer in such a way that the other party should understand you. It’s just that you should to reach your message to your customer.
What will help us to be a better communicator??
Well, as it Is said Marketing is all about perception – Think as per your Customer thought process & connect the conversation going in his/ her mind. It will help connect the customer directly & that’s it.
To be a good communicator a important tip is to write. The more you write, the more you become master of your content which will make you better day by day. Try to be simple as much as possible. Not necessary the one who is reading your content will be a literature. Every common doesn’t like to go with complicated or complex sentences. Also, not necessary that everyone understands the complex sentences.
SO, let’s be simple, to the point & very important just connect to the thought process. Once you know to communicate well your product will sell itself.

It is very important to have a good communication skill when it comes to marketing.
By Good Communication skill I do not mean that one should be a master in literature or very good in terms of Vocabulary, Jargons, grammar and all.
It is Just that what you should to connect yourself with the customer in such a way that the other party should understand you. It’s just that you should to reach your message to your customer.
What will help us to be a better communicator??
Well, as it Is said Marketing is all about perception – Think as per your Customer thought process & connect the conversation going in his/ her mind. It will help connect the customer directly & that’s it.
To be a good communicator a important tip is to write. The more you write, the more you become master of your content which will make you better day by day. Try to be simple as much as possible. Not necessary the one who is reading your content will be a literature. Every common doesn’t like to go with complicated or complex sentences. Also, not necessary that everyone understands the complex sentences.
SO, let’s be simple, to the point & very important just connect to the thought process. Once you know to communicate well your product will sell itself.




Global Economics plays a very important role in Marketing. As it becomes the guide to understand the opportunities & risk in the Market.

One should understand first our economy & then the global economy not only in terms of Marketing but also in our daily chores. As debt makes money & 90% of us do take loans to meet our core need. And if not in debt, then the ones who deposit in the Bank. So it is all about lending or depositing in the Bank. As it is linked to each one of us directly/ indirectly & we all are impacted due to it.
The very first question in our minds is HOW?
So, the cycle goes this way – Economics is all about Money. And when it comes about money it is our Money which is in Market for different purposes say granting loans, for projects, and directly to National Banks and through National Banks to International Ones. Or the money in the form of tax. So as it is our money we should at-least basic of it. It’s all about from where the money is coming & where it is going in what pattern & where. Hence the terms such as GDP, Per capita Income Inflation, Deflation & Cash Reserve Ratio, Recession, & many more.
Let’s understand a few of them–
Inflation:  Inflation is the general rise in the price level that is the prices of most goods & services which are of daily use or most commonly used such as Food, clothing, housing, consumer staples, transport, etc., Inflation occurs when the price rise due to increase in production cost that is the cost of raw materials & wages.
A surge in demand for product & services can cause inflation, consumers are willing to pay more for the product. How is consumer ready to pay more as the debt level goes down. People have enough to spend rather than paying the loan as they have repaid it.
And when inflation occurs – Monetary policy comes into the picture – which is the central bank’s action to cover up this rise in price by curbing the supply of money in the market. (By decreasing the interest rate of interest  loan in the market & also the rate of interest on deposit. So that more & more
Customers are attracted to taking the loan rather than depositing.) So that the Inflation is controlled at. Ideally, the Inflation is 2% to 3% annually.
Deflation – it is the opposite of Inflation – that is When the overall price level decreases, so that inflation rate becomes negative, it is called deflation.
A reduction in money supply or credit availability is the reason for deflation in most cases. Here the interest rate on the loan is higher & also the return rate on deposit is very attractive.
Cash Reserve Ratio: The banks total deposit is termed as Cash Reserve Ratio. The percentage of cash required to be kept in reserves, vis-à-vis a bank’s total deposits, is called the Cash Reserve Ratio.
The CRR % is decided by the Reserve Bank of India. Let’s say the CCR is 4%, that means a bank has to have 4% of its total Net demand & time liabilities in the form of cash this cannot be used for either lending or investment. It has to be maintained in Cash
At the time of inflation, RBI increases this CRR & the amount of money with the bank reduces. So that flow of money is controlled.
Recession: A significant fall in spending generally leads to a recession which may last four quarters hampering the growth of an economy, leading to job cuts, starvation, scarcity & all.
The current situation – Covid-19 is the example of it. As it has impacted the economy of most nations due to lockdown.


effortsearnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish somethingMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

Digital Marketing Simplified

Digital Marketing:

What is Digital Marketing & how is it different from Traditional Marketing?

First, let’s talk about Marketing: Building Awareness & convincing the Customer from Lead to Prospect & finally to the transaction Stage where actual buying takes place is called as Marketing. It is all about convincing & appealing to buy one’s product or service.

Traditional Marketing: Traditional Marketing is all about using traditional ways to reach your customers from defining customer, reaching, convincing, reconvincing, telephonic conversation, meeting face to face, going door to door, using TV ads, radio ad, Newspaper, magazines & so on. Which still has its own importance in many aspects.

But Multiple meeting, Multiple phone calls, limitation to reach prospects, unfiltered ways of lead generation, exclusive tapping to audience target, huge cost in traditional ways of advertisement with very little or no control on analysis or say a general or rough figure estimate, technology, changing mindset, ease to shopping behaviour and all has turned Traditional Marketing go down & Digital Marketing to boom.

In Today’s Modern life we hardly find a family who isn’t using a cell phone. Buying a mobile has become a necessity than a leisure. In short, we all are walking with the pace of advance technology.


Digital Marketing – Marketing which uses electronic media as a source is termed as Digital Marketing. Electronic medium means – Use of Internet, Mobile, Social Media like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, and much more.

In short Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi………. Ultimately the goal is to reach the from convincing to sales transaction but then the means to do it is changed.



Why is Digital Marketing necessary?

Through Digital Marketing the reach becomes grows in quantitative & most important Qualitative manner.  Digital Marketing gives us the hold to track are growth, how can we grow in a better way & where are we lacking. It becomes a guide towards success. Right from personal branding to a business tycoon in every phase Digital Marketing has its own unique importance & never-ending role to play in.

When we talk about target audience, it becomes very important to reach to the correct tribe which digital marketing allows you to whereas in traditional market you cannot curb the market as per your choice. For e.g. You are running an ad via traditional method which is related to women’s interest like Jewellery, cosmetic or womenswear, you cannot ask that only women should watch this add so that you have your target audience to reach whereas in Digital Marketing you can do this. Today, most of the population is technology driven, they spend more time on internet & hand phones & if your Market is presence online you are available to them all the time & the more chances of your growth. Right from shopping to necessary item, Studies, Medical Healthcare, consultancy everything are available in digital mode. Especially in this pandemic situation just imagine how difficult it could be hadn’t we had this mode of Marketing.

The Presence in the market increases via Digital Marketing which increases more efficiency, you can have a real time track on your Marketing strategies. As you have your focussed target audience & customized audience set the more chances to have Customer retention & customer satisfaction. And many more.

Hence it has become very important to go for Digital Marketing.



5Ds of Digital Marketing

It is very important to understand 5Ds of Digital Marketing:

1.Digital Devices: The devices used by audience to understand the services or product. It means whatever device (whether it is a computer, tablet or a mobile phone) customer is using the experience which he or she gets should be the same & impressive one as this will create the brand image in their mind.
2.Digital Platform: There are different platforms available to reach via the devices. To be a successful Digital Marketer  one should know these platform & stay tuned with the trend so that he doesn’t give it up being negligence.Platforms available are Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter & Linkedin
3.Digital Media: There are different Media available to reach & create brand awareness. This is paid as well free & organic ones as well like Social Network, SEO, Email Marketing, Lead generation, Google ad, Facebook ad, Content creation & lot more
4.Digital Data: There are many tools available which can be used as an analytical tool which gives a real time result of where are we standing in the market. It helps us collect the data of our customer base. Do remember, to use it in a proper way as it is an important data & needs to be protected as the law demands it.
5.Digital Technology: In Marketing AI (Artificial Intelligence) & UI (User interface) plays a very important role.The easier the technology to use & get used to the greater experience & ROI. Also on the other hand it should be a secured one.





5ps of Digital Marketing:

We should understand the 5ps of Digital Marketing which is the pillar in the world of Marketing without which Marketing as a concept is incomplete.

  1. People: Focussing on right audience is very important to be a successful Marketer. It shouldn’t happen that you sell chicken nuggets to the one who is looking for Veg nuggets. I mean we should know who are customer is & whom to focus on. KYC is  a very important aspect.
  2. Product: Once you know who your customer is, you need to design the product or service in a manner which is easily acceptable or relatable to the customer. There should be need or demand for your product in the market. It can be a physical product, service, web designing, access to web pages.
  3. Price: After People & Product the major role Is of Pricing. As per the effectiveness of your product or service, Market rates, customer’s willingness to pay & demand & supply aspects one should derive at the correct price which should be a win win situation for both buyer & seller.
  4. Promotion: To be always present & at the top of customer’s mind it is very important that the promotion strategy we used Is effective, targeted & ongoing. It should be relatable & touchable. The prospect should relate themselves with the promotion, we do with them. There are different media to reach to the customer like paid ad, organic search, social media, messengers & so on.
  5. Place: Place which is taken over by Platform that is channel when it comes to Digital marketing is all about the source via which we can reach to the customer. We should not rely on 1 or 2 platform rather we should have a strategy wise pie towards different platform. The various channels available are Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Hosting channels & so on.



Limits to Digital Marketing:

There is no limit to the Growth of Digital Marketing. It’s all about learning & keep growing. It’s just you should know about the aspects & tools used in Digital Marketing. And once you are engrossed & accustomed to it trust me, you find it as easy as toasting a bread. But then as I said you need to keep updating with the trend of Digital Marketing. As it is very broad aspects to learn about. It is like an endless sky the more you learn & the more you succeed.


Thank you for reading this article & do not forget to leave the feedback. 

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Digital World – stay connected but with the Right to Disconnect


‘You have to stop bringing all that work home. You’re trying to send a fax from our toaster.’


We all know how important our digital presence is. With changing times, it has taken over our life at an unprecedented level. Currently, along with COVID-19 – 19 pandemic and have a pandemic of always staying connected, always online.

It has increased to such a level that now there is even a proposal in some of the countries which emphasis on Right to Disconnect.

With most of the workforce adopting work from home model and schools, colleges also adopting online classes, the need to turn off the device and stay away from the screen has become essential.

Adding to this is the physical and mental health issue that can crop due to work from home and online classes where most of the time we are slouched in front of the computer. Prolong sitting in from of the computer in a wrong posture can lead to extreme pain in back, neck and shoulders.

Also, students are at home all day and exposure to sunlight has drastically reduced. It is crucial for them to go out before 8 and get the daily dose of Vitamin D.

With 2 young adults and 1-man child at home, the demand of Right to Disconnect seems logical and reasonable,

So, let’s stay at home – stay connected but with the Right to Disconnect.






Which stream to select after your 10th std which is the gateway to your career?

Welcome to Young Masters Club 

Are you ready with your career goals?

So, why am I asking you this question?

I know you must be thinking of it.

The answer is here-

We learn through our own mistakes – Right The best part is, everyone does mistake, but not everyone learns from their mistakes. We all know what’s wrong, we do, but then we just ignore it thinking “Chalta hai”…. That’s what we do right. But is it correct? I mean we can lie to others, but we cannot lie to yourself right. I know it’s boring to hear all these. But it’s not a waste of time. Let me, tell me why I am telling you all this.



We Owe our life firstly to our Parents: 

Our parents do wish that my kid should be career oriented. They should do this, they should do that. Why – Because what all they have gone through they don’t want you to. What all struggle they had taken they don’t want you to take. And the dreams which they had dreamt but for some reason they cannot bring it to realistic they want you to. So why not to think being in their shoes. After they are the one who gave you this life. I am not asking you to blindly choose the career they are asking you for. You need to convince your parents if in case you opt for the stream they don’t want you to. How will convince them? By enlightening them the way I did it to you.


Here I am to enlighten your Mind’s Diya:

You must be thinking let me complete my tenth then will think about it. But that’s not the correct way. Just imagine you are in the examination hall & you are going through the question paper & what you find is – all the question’s which has come in exam is out of the box. It wasn’t even there in the syllabus.  What will you do? You will be completely lost right? Don’t worry, it won’t happen, because everything is well structured in advance & goes through different stages. It takes a lot of planning & execution. It is not just done in a moment. The same way your career is. You should have a clear Mindset on, what are you going to choose once you are out of School life. Which stream, which specialization & where you want to reach with that specialization. Then only you can start taking actions from day 1 & will reach towards your Goal. We all plan when it comes to having chat with our friends, outing with our family & any other school activity So why do we take it so lightly when it comes to our careers. Let’s spend a day or 2, understand what we want to achieve & accordingly have a roadmap so that we can take small steps every day towards that goal.

General Mindset of ours

Let’s focus on it in this way… In today’s world everyone thinks bigger & bigger, but then they do not focus on its Market need. We do hear of Engineering, Doctors, Scientist & what not. And hence most of us to go in that queue just because we (Society) have created a hype of it. But do we take a minute & think about why not to expand your family business? Why am I going on a field in which I have no interest & just because my friends are doing it & I don’t want to lose my friend I will also select the same field. In-fact many of us do join the same stream out of jealousy. Just because someone else has joined it & why not me? Many times, it also happens that our parents make us chose a field just because someone from close relative or close cousin has joined it. And if nothing else we just give a simple thought process that the end of the day we have to join office & do the daily job of 9 to 5 then why to think so much. I am telling all this because almost 30% of the students become blank on which field to choose when they are done with their 10th. In such cases we need to be very careful on what step we are going to take. Every child is special & unique in their own way. It is not necessary that every youth has the same potential, interest & passion. Let’s color this world with your unique colors & creativity.


Work out on your Career Goal- Make a Mind Map

So, let’s do our planning: We need to pay hefty fees to do specialization. And what is mostly observed when you chose the stream blindly without any preparation you end up either wasting your important academic years & of course your money or else your full energy, interest & focus comes to an end because one wrong decision brings you all down. So whenever you get time give 2 minutes to yourself & do think what I am talking about does it really makes sense to you? If you get the answer as Yes then at that moment itself take a paper & a pen. And start from scratch on, what are you going to choose as your platform

Below are some of the points you should consider while doing it. Make 4 columns & give the heading for each column:

  1. Interest: Start writing about what all you are interested in whatever it is – let it be music, dance, talking, travel, socializing, creativity & what not. Which subject can keep you awake whole night & still you aren’t bored & want to learn more. Just go on writing it in this column.
  2. Skill: Be loyal to yourself here as I said you can lie to others but not to yourself. Pen down what all are skilled in. By skill I mean to say in what you are good or may be best at. Check your past performance reports, find out which subject you are strong in.
  3. Passion: Here you need to write what all makes you go crazy. For what you can give your quality time & keep on struggling unless to get it correct & satisfying.
  4. Your Dream: we all do dream of what we want to be. I am talking about the dream we wish to make the true & not day dreaming here. As I do understand in this age of yours the mind is not stable. Today you are thinking about 1 & tomorrow you will suddenly come up with something else. What is important here is to have a valid reason – why I am thinking to be this, what is the reason, where this particular field will take me to, how much it can make me earn, what are the drawback here, does the market have the demand for it. Be very careful when you look for the demand – don’t look for the immediate demand as you will take 5 to 10 years more to make that dream come true. That time in point it should have the demand in the market.

Once you are done with all the 4 columns you need to check what all are overlapping here. I mean it is very much for sure that what you are interested in, you are master in & you are passionate about it.  Select those common things here & see in which stream does this fit & then you can choose your field accordingly. Now there is an answer to the question why I am supposed to think about it now at this stage where I should focus more on my 10th Studies. Hope now your mindset is clear what is your stream you are going to choose. So now lets say, you want to be a cardiologist which will obviously come in Science stream & to get the admission in Science & that too in a good college will ask you for 97% & above on the other hand the study pattern of yours is only up to the level which can get you 70% what will you do? If you are financially strong, then you might pay hefty fees & still try to get in the science stream. But not everyone is blessed with wealthy background right? So, the only left is hard work, Structured work & focused work. Here again you will make a daily schedule on how you can study in a well structured manner that you do achieve your target of 97% Do remember I am not pressuring you for more studies. I am asking you to go for structured one as per your career mindset which you will choose. The % can be less as well as per the stream you want to go for but then what still matters are structured way of learning. And don’t forget to give every day half an hour on writing along with a watch. If you are able to write 6 pages in 10 minutes today, tomorrow it should be 10 & it should increase gradually.


Why & which stream to Choose.

I will share few tips with you to plot your chosen stream as per the above steps. Just check the things you have chosen falls in which stream & go for it with an open mind & achieve your dream.


  • Career in Science:

If you choose to become Doctors, technologist, scientist, engineers, Professor in the below mentioned subject is then going to this stream. You are going to pay hefty fees here & almost 8/10 years in this field to set your career. So be prepared, focussed & dedicated here. Main Subjects covered are: Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology Computer Science English


  • Career in Commerce:

xpanding your family business & taking it to a next level is the best part you can do it from here, if you are planning to become Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Businessman, want to start your startup, Entrepreneur, go for Management, Economist, Stock Market,  Actuarial Science, Financial Consultant, Finance Manager, Banking Sector, Foreign Trade Investor, Portfolio Manager, etc. All the above-mentioned portfolios are higher paid ones if you take it correctly. Main Subjects covered are: Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics Informatics Practices English

  • Career in Arts:

Let me tell you, it is not so common or in the air, according to the state of mind, but then as it is very well said – The true value of a diamond is known only by the goldsmith. If you are creative & passionate enough to build your career in Arts trust me, you can be an architect of your own world & master in it. This stream gives you many happening career. If your passion is in Journalism, literature, communications, teaching, Interior designing, painting, archaeologist. Go for this stream Main Subjects covered are: Literature, History, Psychology, Political Science Economics Philosophy Sociology

So, focus on this, open up your mind & prepare yourself. Do share the same with your friends & relatives who are sailing the same boat. Still, if you have any doubt, do send me your questions & will definitely help you to come out of it. Your suggestions & feedback is most welcome. As you are the first “Young Masters” Member.   I wish you all the very best for your gateway towards your career path. By gateway I mean your 10th Class which is very important as it is the foundation towards your success. Wish you & your family a very Happy New Year in advance.


  • Digital Marketing: Yes, I do know it is not the stream which you need to choose after your 10th as a specialization, but then I have added this here to make you guys aware that how important Digital Marketing is. Be it a  Business Tycoon, Manufacturing, Distribution, Enterprunership, Personal Brading, any vertical you talk about – digital marketing has a specific & never stopping role to play in. It gives lot many opportunities & the best part is Marketing is the only profession which is never gonna replace and if it comes to digital Marketing then nothing great then that.  Digital Marketing itself is a broad concept, there are many sub concepts to it which gives immense opportunities like Affiliate Marketing, SEO (Search Engine optimization, personal Branding, Branding Services, Freelancing, Coach, content writing, copywriting,E-mail Marketing, Google adds, Facebook adds & so on.

“Be active, don’t procrastinate. Action will make you Hero whereas Procrastination will take you to Zero”