Digital Marketing Simplified

Digital Marketing:

What is Digital Marketing & how is it different from Traditional Marketing?

First, let’s talk about Marketing: Building Awareness & convincing the Customer from Lead to Prospect & finally to the transaction Stage where actual buying takes place is called as Marketing. It is all about convincing & appealing to buy one’s product or service.

Traditional Marketing: Traditional Marketing is all about using traditional ways to reach your customers from defining customer, reaching, convincing, reconvincing, telephonic conversation, meeting face to face, going door to door, using TV ads, radio ad, Newspaper, magazines & so on. Which still has its own importance in many aspects.

But Multiple meeting, Multiple phone calls, limitation to reach prospects, unfiltered ways of lead generation, exclusive tapping to audience target, huge cost in traditional ways of advertisement with very little or no control on analysis or say a general or rough figure estimate, technology, changing mindset, ease to shopping behaviour and all has turned Traditional Marketing go down & Digital Marketing to boom.

In Today’s Modern life we hardly find a family who isn’t using a cell phone. Buying a mobile has become a necessity than a leisure. In short, we all are walking with the pace of advance technology.


Digital Marketing – Marketing which uses electronic media as a source is termed as Digital Marketing. Electronic medium means – Use of Internet, Mobile, Social Media like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, and much more.

In short Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi………. Ultimately the goal is to reach the from convincing to sales transaction but then the means to do it is changed.



Why is Digital Marketing necessary?

Through Digital Marketing the reach becomes grows in quantitative & most important Qualitative manner.  Digital Marketing gives us the hold to track are growth, how can we grow in a better way & where are we lacking. It becomes a guide towards success. Right from personal branding to a business tycoon in every phase Digital Marketing has its own unique importance & never-ending role to play in.

When we talk about target audience, it becomes very important to reach to the correct tribe which digital marketing allows you to whereas in traditional market you cannot curb the market as per your choice. For e.g. You are running an ad via traditional method which is related to women’s interest like Jewellery, cosmetic or womenswear, you cannot ask that only women should watch this add so that you have your target audience to reach whereas in Digital Marketing you can do this. Today, most of the population is technology driven, they spend more time on internet & hand phones & if your Market is presence online you are available to them all the time & the more chances of your growth. Right from shopping to necessary item, Studies, Medical Healthcare, consultancy everything are available in digital mode. Especially in this pandemic situation just imagine how difficult it could be hadn’t we had this mode of Marketing.

The Presence in the market increases via Digital Marketing which increases more efficiency, you can have a real time track on your Marketing strategies. As you have your focussed target audience & customized audience set the more chances to have Customer retention & customer satisfaction. And many more.

Hence it has become very important to go for Digital Marketing.



5Ds of Digital Marketing

It is very important to understand 5Ds of Digital Marketing:

1.Digital Devices: The devices used by audience to understand the services or product. It means whatever device (whether it is a computer, tablet or a mobile phone) customer is using the experience which he or she gets should be the same & impressive one as this will create the brand image in their mind.
2.Digital Platform: There are different platforms available to reach via the devices. To be a successful Digital Marketer  one should know these platform & stay tuned with the trend so that he doesn’t give it up being negligence.Platforms available are Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter & Linkedin
3.Digital Media: There are different Media available to reach & create brand awareness. This is paid as well free & organic ones as well like Social Network, SEO, Email Marketing, Lead generation, Google ad, Facebook ad, Content creation & lot more
4.Digital Data: There are many tools available which can be used as an analytical tool which gives a real time result of where are we standing in the market. It helps us collect the data of our customer base. Do remember, to use it in a proper way as it is an important data & needs to be protected as the law demands it.
5.Digital Technology: In Marketing AI (Artificial Intelligence) & UI (User interface) plays a very important role.The easier the technology to use & get used to the greater experience & ROI. Also on the other hand it should be a secured one.





5ps of Digital Marketing:

We should understand the 5ps of Digital Marketing which is the pillar in the world of Marketing without which Marketing as a concept is incomplete.

  1. People: Focussing on right audience is very important to be a successful Marketer. It shouldn’t happen that you sell chicken nuggets to the one who is looking for Veg nuggets. I mean we should know who are customer is & whom to focus on. KYC is  a very important aspect.
  2. Product: Once you know who your customer is, you need to design the product or service in a manner which is easily acceptable or relatable to the customer. There should be need or demand for your product in the market. It can be a physical product, service, web designing, access to web pages.
  3. Price: After People & Product the major role Is of Pricing. As per the effectiveness of your product or service, Market rates, customer’s willingness to pay & demand & supply aspects one should derive at the correct price which should be a win win situation for both buyer & seller.
  4. Promotion: To be always present & at the top of customer’s mind it is very important that the promotion strategy we used Is effective, targeted & ongoing. It should be relatable & touchable. The prospect should relate themselves with the promotion, we do with them. There are different media to reach to the customer like paid ad, organic search, social media, messengers & so on.
  5. Place: Place which is taken over by Platform that is channel when it comes to Digital marketing is all about the source via which we can reach to the customer. We should not rely on 1 or 2 platform rather we should have a strategy wise pie towards different platform. The various channels available are Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Hosting channels & so on.



Limits to Digital Marketing:

There is no limit to the Growth of Digital Marketing. It’s all about learning & keep growing. It’s just you should know about the aspects & tools used in Digital Marketing. And once you are engrossed & accustomed to it trust me, you find it as easy as toasting a bread. But then as I said you need to keep updating with the trend of Digital Marketing. As it is very broad aspects to learn about. It is like an endless sky the more you learn & the more you succeed.


Thank you for reading this article & do not forget to leave the feedback. 

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Digital World – stay connected but with the Right to Disconnect


‘You have to stop bringing all that work home. You’re trying to send a fax from our toaster.’


We all know how important our digital presence is. With changing times, it has taken over our life at an unprecedented level. Currently, along with COVID-19 – 19 pandemic and have a pandemic of always staying connected, always online.

It has increased to such a level that now there is even a proposal in some of the countries which emphasis on Right to Disconnect.

With most of the workforce adopting work from home model and schools, colleges also adopting online classes, the need to turn off the device and stay away from the screen has become essential.

Adding to this is the physical and mental health issue that can crop due to work from home and online classes where most of the time we are slouched in front of the computer. Prolong sitting in from of the computer in a wrong posture can lead to extreme pain in back, neck and shoulders.

Also, students are at home all day and exposure to sunlight has drastically reduced. It is crucial for them to go out before 8 and get the daily dose of Vitamin D.

With 2 young adults and 1-man child at home, the demand of Right to Disconnect seems logical and reasonable,

So, let’s stay at home – stay connected but with the Right to Disconnect.