I am passionate about Digital Marketing & love to write about it. SEO – Is my Niche. And i am looking forward to deliver this service to you.

Why Digital Marketing & Why SEO?

Well,  I have done MBA in Marketing & also a post graduate in Commerce,  but never worked as a full time service in this field. At the end of the day what matters is the amount to take home every month to feed you & your family, pay your loan, education for kids and that’s it. Well, I use to think this way. But then this will just give you a stipulated amount every month. And not the satisfaction level.

Same was with me, I always use to think how can I make extra money to fulfill my extra needs, to fulfill my dreams, and more importantly to find something which i am passionate to do. And then luckily I came across Digital Marketing. And this is something where I found my interest, my passion & my true love.

So, rather than thinking & wasting more time. I leaned on it.  And when it came to choose my Niche, I got inclined to SEO and the reason behind it is very simple. Rather than knocking each & every door let’s make the way easy to find your correct customer to your door. And that SEO all about. Organic search.
And so I chose it.  Are you looking forward to take your business to the next desired level you are dreaming of via SEO ? If the answer is yes – then DIGITM is here to serve you.

“Be active, don’t procrastinate. Action will make you Hero whereas Procrastination will take you to Zero”

Don’t think much on why to waste money just in  SEO – do trust me SEO is just a 3 letter to hear, but then a magical concept in terms of your business awareness. You cannot reach everywhere & keep on announcing and explaining what your business is all about & what you offer, but then SEO can make it ease you.

SEO in a nutshell takes your business, whether local or global to reach to the correct customer & interlock you with the ongoing benefits of it. We believe in doing & not showing. Give us the opportunity to impress you with our style of working.

Please do leave your feedback so that can improvise & work more effectively.

Poonam Gaikwad